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Steve Jobs [Oct. 6th, 2011|09:30 am]
Apple iBook

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(no subject) [Apr. 29th, 2009|11:51 am]
Apple iBook

my ibook g4 has LONG been dead -- for over two years, i'd estimate, and it's been sitting in the case in the closet. i'm pretty sure the hard drive is massively corrupted and just needs a new one dropped into it. i could take a road trip to baton rouge, wait a week, and go get it to get it fixed, or... i could do it myself, and learn a little something about computers. i'll have the time this summer anyway.

anyway, i student teach this fall, and it would be nice to have a smaller computer to take with me to school. i don't need a fancy new OS or whatever's out in apple now, i just need something that'll run openoffice and wifi. so... i think i'm looking at dropping a new hard drive in there.

-does anyone have a link to a really good tutorial on replacing a hard drive in an ibook, and second,
-can you even FIND a hard drive for ibooks anymore?

on another note, i have no idea how to get the OS actually -on- the hard drive once i have the drive in there, so, um... how exactly does that work? i have never, ever done something this 'from scratch' before. i am not terribly tech savvy, but i'm a pretty hands-on person and with decent instructions, i can figure most hardware stuff out.

thanks :)
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Panic! Preview help [Mar. 30th, 2009|12:59 pm]
Apple iBook

[Current Location |London]

I have a deadline for a proposal tomorrow and the form I have to use is opening in Preview as a JPEG which won't allow me to edit it. I saved it as a PDF and am finding that despite the text tool being selected, I can't click anywhere and add text. When I try opening it in Text Edit, all I get is jibberish and when I copy from the PDF to Text Edit, the form appears but as one complete picture that I cannot edit. Preview Help has been useless and Mac Help have been useless and I'm starting to panic. Thanks in advance.

I'm using OS X, v. 10.3.9.
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another one bites the duuuuuust [Feb. 25th, 2009|12:17 am]
Apple iBook

my ibook power cord doesn't want to connect anymore, its loosened over time and now it wont charge :/ it works on the battery power though, can i buy a seperate battery charging dock for it?

thinking i should jsut sell it for parts and save for a macbook..
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iBook repairs. [Feb. 14th, 2009|11:13 pm]
Apple iBook

Hey everyone. My co-worker said that Apple will refurbish your old computer for a few hundred dollars (after your applecare is expired). Can anyone confirm this? I have an ibook from 2005 that is pretty much dead (the screen doesn't respond to the computer, battery drains energy, keyboard is missing lots of keys) and I want another laptop but can't afford to buy one. Anyone have any recommendations as to what I can do to fix my laptop on the cheap?
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(no subject) [Dec. 4th, 2008|07:57 pm]
Apple iBook

i have been looking all over for an answer to my ibook problem. the letters y and h, the number 6 and the F6 function on my keyboard do not work. if you notice, they go in a line. i have tried resetting my RAM, cleaning it, looking to see if something was cut, taking out the battery for a little bit, and looking online for general solution. does anyone here have a clue? i'm using Mac OS 10.4.11 and i have an ibook g4. this problem has been going on for a year and some change. i've been using an external keyboard.
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Dead ibook to new iMac. [Nov. 25th, 2008|10:47 pm]
Apple iBook

Hi. How can I transfer my documents, photos, and music from my dead ibook to my new iMac? My ibook still works but the screen is shot. I know it's possible to access my ibook's hard drive but could anyone give me the specifics? Thanks for any help.
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USB wireless card? [Nov. 25th, 2008|06:08 pm]
Apple iBook

I have an old iBook clamshell laptop, and am looking for an easy way to get on the 'net. How well does a USB wireless card, like this one in the link, work, compared to having an Airport card installed?

sample one from EbayCollapse )

I just want to be able to do email, a little surfing, when out and about.

I also have an internal modem, with dialup at home.

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new user, new iBook clamshell owner [Nov. 25th, 2008|05:43 pm]
Apple iBook

Hi to everyone!
I was just recently given an older laptop, which was going to be tossed, by a friend from out of state. I have not had a laptop before, so i was more than happy to take it.

It is the iBook clamshell. It says it is " 366 MHz (Firewire) PowerPC G3".
It has 320 MB memory, 256 Ram. It is running MAC OS X 10.2.8
It has a CD drive, and Airport is installed. It also has Word for Mac, the full set of office applications.

The situation is: I have none of the software installation or restore discs for the OS, nor for the Word software, nor for the Airport card.

I asked her about the discs, and apparently it was a divorce situation where the ex got the "box full of computer discs", almost 2 years ago, and so they are gone.

SO: First off, how do you suggest I obtain replacement discs for the OS. Ebay?
Next, she says last time she tried Airport at a wifi coffeeshop, she couldn't get it to connect. She thinks it just needs an update. Problem is, I have no idea where to go online to get the update for this older version of Airport, and then if i did, I only have my dialup connection to this laptop to get me on the internet. Will an update work over the slower rate of the dialup connection?

Or should I consider removing the Airport card and installing a new one, which i see on Ebay?

I also see a 'USB wireless card', which i can plug into my USB port. . . will this work as well as Airport installed?

(I am a convert from PCs, with my first Mac being an iMac (Mac OS X 10.5.2) I bought just under a year ago, and my internet connection with that is Cable. )

Can anyone help me?

thanks so much, and sorry this is so long. . .
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2008|07:38 pm]
Apple iBook

ok my USB pen stick is telling me my photos are all corrupt or a format my coputer cant recognize.. can ANYYONE help me? please...all my photos are on that stick.... I'm so freaking out im going to cry.
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