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my ibook g4 has LONG been dead -- for over two years, i'd estimate, and it's been sitting in the case in the closet. i'm pretty sure the hard drive is massively corrupted and just needs a new one dropped into it. i could take a road trip to baton rouge, wait a week, and go get it to get it fixed, or... i could do it myself, and learn a little something about computers. i'll have the time this summer anyway.

anyway, i student teach this fall, and it would be nice to have a smaller computer to take with me to school. i don't need a fancy new OS or whatever's out in apple now, i just need something that'll run openoffice and wifi. so... i think i'm looking at dropping a new hard drive in there.

-does anyone have a link to a really good tutorial on replacing a hard drive in an ibook, and second,
-can you even FIND a hard drive for ibooks anymore?

on another note, i have no idea how to get the OS actually -on- the hard drive once i have the drive in there, so, um... how exactly does that work? i have never, ever done something this 'from scratch' before. i am not terribly tech savvy, but i'm a pretty hands-on person and with decent instructions, i can figure most hardware stuff out.

thanks :)
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Panic! Preview help

I have a deadline for a proposal tomorrow and the form I have to use is opening in Preview as a JPEG which won't allow me to edit it. I saved it as a PDF and am finding that despite the text tool being selected, I can't click anywhere and add text. When I try opening it in Text Edit, all I get is jibberish and when I copy from the PDF to Text Edit, the form appears but as one complete picture that I cannot edit. Preview Help has been useless and Mac Help have been useless and I'm starting to panic. Thanks in advance.

I'm using OS X, v. 10.3.9.
ahhh, rest.

another one bites the duuuuuust

my ibook power cord doesn't want to connect anymore, its loosened over time and now it wont charge :/ it works on the battery power though, can i buy a seperate battery charging dock for it?

thinking i should jsut sell it for parts and save for a macbook..
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iBook repairs.

Hey everyone. My co-worker said that Apple will refurbish your old computer for a few hundred dollars (after your applecare is expired). Can anyone confirm this? I have an ibook from 2005 that is pretty much dead (the screen doesn't respond to the computer, battery drains energy, keyboard is missing lots of keys) and I want another laptop but can't afford to buy one. Anyone have any recommendations as to what I can do to fix my laptop on the cheap?

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i have been looking all over for an answer to my ibook problem. the letters y and h, the number 6 and the F6 function on my keyboard do not work. if you notice, they go in a line. i have tried resetting my RAM, cleaning it, looking to see if something was cut, taking out the battery for a little bit, and looking online for general solution. does anyone here have a clue? i'm using Mac OS 10.4.11 and i have an ibook g4. this problem has been going on for a year and some change. i've been using an external keyboard.
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Dead ibook to new iMac.

Hi. How can I transfer my documents, photos, and music from my dead ibook to my new iMac? My ibook still works but the screen is shot. I know it's possible to access my ibook's hard drive but could anyone give me the specifics? Thanks for any help.

USB wireless card?

I have an old iBook clamshell laptop, and am looking for an easy way to get on the 'net. How well does a USB wireless card, like this one in the link, work, compared to having an Airport card installed?

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I just want to be able to do email, a little surfing, when out and about.

I also have an internal modem, with dialup at home.


new user, new iBook clamshell owner

Hi to everyone!
I was just recently given an older laptop, which was going to be tossed, by a friend from out of state. I have not had a laptop before, so i was more than happy to take it.

It is the iBook clamshell. It says it is " 366 MHz (Firewire) PowerPC G3".
It has 320 MB memory, 256 Ram. It is running MAC OS X 10.2.8
It has a CD drive, and Airport is installed. It also has Word for Mac, the full set of office applications.

The situation is: I have none of the software installation or restore discs for the OS, nor for the Word software, nor for the Airport card.

I asked her about the discs, and apparently it was a divorce situation where the ex got the "box full of computer discs", almost 2 years ago, and so they are gone.

SO: First off, how do you suggest I obtain replacement discs for the OS. Ebay?
Next, she says last time she tried Airport at a wifi coffeeshop, she couldn't get it to connect. She thinks it just needs an update. Problem is, I have no idea where to go online to get the update for this older version of Airport, and then if i did, I only have my dialup connection to this laptop to get me on the internet. Will an update work over the slower rate of the dialup connection?

Or should I consider removing the Airport card and installing a new one, which i see on Ebay?

I also see a 'USB wireless card', which i can plug into my USB port. . . will this work as well as Airport installed?

(I am a convert from PCs, with my first Mac being an iMac (Mac OS X 10.5.2) I bought just under a year ago, and my internet connection with that is Cable. )

Can anyone help me?

thanks so much, and sorry this is so long. . .

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ok my USB pen stick is telling me my photos are all corrupt or a format my coputer cant recognize.. can ANYYONE help me? please...all my photos are on that stick.... I'm so freaking out im going to cry.